Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Lerato bringing the sisters together

WHY arewe hating each other? WHAT went wrong between us all?

I Lerato Mhaka come upfront to help and restore peace in our world and community of the sisters. WHY are we doing this to ourselves? What went wrong between us? We are the same species. Why are we hating each other when we can come together and work as one nation of sisterhood.

We come across similar problems and the only way to sort them out is to come together , discuss them and come up with solutions. All we need to do is sit down and rise the problems we have and confront each other face to face and hear opinion as well as facts to come to the end of this fight among us.

We are the same why are we fighting each other? We hate each other for unnecessary reasons, such as what she drives? What she wears? The answer is…… they worked hard for what they have today. I’m not saying you not working hard maybe not hard enough. All you need is to set a goal that you willing to achieve, if you need help don’t be afraid to ask.

We all can have what we want if only we willing to compromise, sacrifice and improvise to get it. Nobody is perfect, we don’t have to judge each other. Judging is the cause of our jealousy, low self esteem and dishonesty. We have to be grateful for what we have, and what we don’t have will all come in good terms.

As they say “GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT” that’s an only say, you can get anything you want and need if only you set your heart to it.

Having a problem is not a permanent situation, it can be resolved by only confronting each other and stating the opinion, it can to a solution because we will be communicating with one another.

We need to face our fear. Sisters we need to start coming together, sharing our feeling and expressing our emotions. Stop doing what harm others feelings and share what can be shared.


  1. As I pointed out during the workshop, we spent a lot of time getting along. So I think we can learn from each other, share and get along. We just need to find out what brings the conflict and then deal with our issues.

    BTW, I've also found that women can become very close friends.Almost like sisters.

  2. I find that women seem to feel the need to compete. But if we can see past that, like Damaria says, we can be great friends.